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Unger-Diffutherm have launched a new product, UdiIN2cm. It has been designed to address the problem of how to internally insulate walls when you have very limited space. You may have experienced this when refurbishing around stair cases, in narrow corridors or where you have opening near the corners of a wall?

UdiIN2cm allows you to add insulation when normally only a plaster layer will fit. It also prevents surface condensation, making the wall surface warm to the touch. It is also a great way to quickly improve the plaster finish as it can be installed over the top of existing plasterwork.
UdiIN2cm is, as the name suggests, a 2cm or 20mm capillary active, wood fibre board which is bonded directly to masonry surfaces without any mechanical fixings. This is then plastered with UdiFOUNDATION COAT render and finished with the lime/clay plaster of your choice.
You can find out more about UdiN2cm over here
If you'd like to see UdiN2cm in action, I will be demonstrating at the following events over the next month or so.
If you're coming to either event and would like to organise a one to one catchup, please do get in touch and book a (no obligation!) session with me.

Chris Brookman
Chris Brookman


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