We are ‘Go’ with ECO

Finally we have got the go-ahead to supply our first ECO scheme in Manchester that Carbon Co-Op have been involved in creating. They have canvassed local householders and created a group of 13 home owners whom will now have insulation retrofitted to their Victorian brick homes. Carbon Co-Op have also been offering the 200mm UdiFRONT system from Unger-Diffutherm as one of the options and 10 of the 13 houses will be using this system. A great boost for us!!

The 200mm UdiFRONT system will bring U-values down below 0.2 W/m2K and in conjunction with airtightness work, internal insulation, replacement windows, loft insulation, etc. will massively reduce the energy consumption of these refurbished homes.

The design for the systems was carried out by UrBED who have had a challenge on their hands. When undertaking these schemes, it is important not to underestimate how much work there is on detailing!! Basically each of the 13 houses has had to have it’s own detail for almost every junction and section due to the differing shapes and sizes and restriction on each house. This is why the bigger, commercial schemes so far have been on houses or flats, all of which are essentially the same.

Training on site starts in mid February with the work due for completion by the end of March. Hopefully we’ll have some nice photos to follow!!

Chris Brookman
Chris Brookman


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