Wood fibre insulation boards for uneven surfaces - UdiRECO

    • UdiRECO wood fibre Insulation Boards are:-

      • An eco friendly, external and internal insulation for solid walls which aren’t flat.
      • A great product for retrofit/refurbishment, especially at thicknesses over 100mm.
      • Ideal for rough rendered or uneven stone/brick walls
      • Excellent at keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
      • An insulation that keeps your walls breathable, preventing moisture related issues such as mould. 


      Where is it used?
      • Internally and externally, for new-build and retrofit on to all types of masonry. The board has a unique backing which moulds itself to uneven or rendered surfaces, avoiding the need to render walls flat first.
      • Undersides of very wavy rafters in old houses.
        How is it used?
        • In short, by screwing it to the wall and rendering it. Simple. For the full guide please download here or read through the quick summary below.
        • Plan out your wall first. The first course of UdiRECO boards should start at least 300mm above the ground level, above the plinth insulation.
        • Measure the position of window openings so that there are no horizontal or vertical joints within 300mm of the corners of any openings. If this is not possible then the UdiSPECIAL ADHESIVE must be used to glue the joints in these areas.
        • UdiRECO insulation boards should be laid in horizontal rows, with the tongues pointing upward and loosely fixed with 2 UdiASSEMBLY fixings to begin with. Once the entire face is covered with the boards start at the bottom and install the rest of the fixings, 6 on the inside and 8 on the outside.
        • A full installation guide and specific junction details can be found here.

        How much will you need?

        • UdiRECO boards are just over 1m2. We suggest you allow 5-10% waste depending on how many corners or windows are involved.
        • UdiRECO boards can be purchased by the board or by the pallet (12.5% discount on single sheet price).
      Thickness Board size Pallet size
      80mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 18pcs, 18.49m2
      100mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 15pcs, 15.41m2
      120mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 13pcs, 13.35m2
      140mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 11pcs, 11.30m2
      160mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 10pcs, 10.27m2
      180mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 9pcs, 9.24m2 
      200mm 1300 x 790mm, 1.027m2 8pcs, 8.22m2


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