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EBB Eco Building Boards

Where are they based?

London, UK

When were they established?


What are the characteristics of their products?

The boards offer great functionality and combine the advantages of drywall construction for internal walls and ceilings, with the amazing properties of clay as natural, healthy and low-carbon footprint building material.

The Standard clay boards combine a plaster-baring board with thermal mass and excellent acoustic insulation. These properties of clay are further boosted by adding Phase Change Material (PCM) to the clay to create boards able to prevent overheating.

Finally, Low-Voltage Heating Elements and Water-Circulating Elements are added to create boards which can heat as well as cool a building. This is a company that innovates!

What do they specialise in? 

EBB specialises in unfired, clay building boards. Their range of boards are designed to increase thermal mass, prevent overheating and acoustically insulate. They are a simple, sustainable & practical alternative to gypsum plasterboards but do so much more.

What is their approach to innovation?

Having worked together since 2008 we have seen a great progression in the type of products and also the use for the products. They’ve pushed the boundaries of what is possible and also where the products can be used, creating products useful for all types of modern and historic construction work.


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