Baumit Systems Data Sheets

Baumit UK Drawing set Revision 1

Junctions and detailing for Baumit's EWI systems.

Baumit DG27 primer

Breathable acrylic based primer for internal and external use.

Baumit DP85 insulating plaster.

Baumit DP85 insulating plaster. For interior and exterior use.

Baumit Kalkin/Klima Glatte fine finish plaster

A very fine lime finishing plaster suitable for internal use and in areas of high humidity.

Baumit MC55 bonding coat render

Base coat, bonding coat and reinforcing coat render for EWI, render carriers and masonry walls.

Baumit MP69 lightweight base coat render

Light weight base coat render for insulating backgrounds such as lightweight block,  Porotherm Block or for normal masonry.

Baumit RK38 internal lime base coat plaster

Pure lime base coat plaster for internal areas on to all types of masonry, dense or light weight.

Baumit RK70 fine finish render

Fine finish render for internal and external applications. Can also be used as a bonding mortar.

Baumit StarTex reinforcing mesh

Alkali resistant fibre glass reinforcing mesh, suitable for all lime and cement based products.

Baumit SEP decorative finish render

An easy to use, self coloured, lime-cement finish render available in different aggregate sizes from 1-4mm.

Baumit Open external wall insulation system

This is a breathable polystyrene based system suitable for masonry substrates where space is an issue.

Baumit Renders Overview

This brochure gives and overview of the rnge of renders provided by Baumit for all types of substrate.

Baumit VitonFein Clay Plaster

Baumit VitonFein Clay Plaster data sheet

Baumit VitonGrob coarse clay plaster

Baumit VitonGrob coarse clay plaster data sheet

Baumit VitonHaft clay slurry primer

Baumit VitonHaft clay slurry primer datasheet

Baumit SilikonTop finish render

Baumit SilikonTop textured finish coat data sheet.