Research & Development

We are committed to discovering, evaluating and ultimately stocking the very best, most innovative natural building products in the UK market.

We do this by actively encouraging manufacturers from around Europe to send us details about their new products. 

Once we receive a new sample, we test and evaluate the product in our purpose built warehouse. We record these experiments and create video content that can be used for either subsequent promotion or to provide feedback.

This process ensures the new product meets our standards of quality and is ultimately something we would be prepared to sell to our UK customers. 

As a streamline, flexible organisation we are able to respond quicker than most. Within six weeks of receiving a sample, we have been known to be selling a new product. We are that quick.  

Submit a Product for Review

So if you have a product that you think would work well in the UK and think we would make a good partner, please fill out our form below and tell us a little more about your product: