Unger-Diffutherm Data Sheets

Simple timber frame section with wood fibre insulation

This is a section from a building using one of the most simple construction methods with timber frame and UdiFRONT/UdiFLEX. It is highly thermally efficient, very economical to build with and very quick. Because of it's simplicity it is commonly used for passive house construction. What more could you ask for?

Unger-Diffutherm plinth detail

Unger-Diffutherm plinth insulation detail with fully insulated plinth.

Unger-Diffutherm fixing diagram - masonry

Unger-Diffutherm fixing diagram for the UdiFRONT system on to masonry

Unger-Diffutherm window detail plan

Unger-Diffutherm window detail in plan view.

Unger-Diffutherm fixing diagram - timber frame

Unger-Diffutherm fixing diagram for the UdiFRONT and UdiSPEED systems on to Timber Frame.

Unger Diffutherm window detail - section

Unger-Diffutherm window detail in section.

Unger-Diffutherm plinth detail

Unger-Diffutherm plinth insulation detail using a plinth tray.

UdiFRONT wood fibre external wall insulation

The UdiFRONT ETA approved wood fibre EWI system brochure. For masonry and timber frames.

UdiSPEED wood fibre insulation board

UdiSPEED 40mm wood fibre insulation board for pre-fabricated buildings and render bearing.

UdiTOP wood fibre insulation sarking boards

Installation manual for the UdiTOP wood fibre sarking system. Used on roofs and behind facades.

Udi Unger-Diffutherm wood fibre insulation boards

The original, renderable, T&G, wood fibre insulation board for internal and external walls.

UdiIN internal insulation system

UdiIN wood fibre internal insulation system for solid walls, incorporating UdiMULTIGRUND vapour control plaster.

UdiINRECO internal insulation system

Internal insulation system using the Unique UdiRECO boards, combined with UdiMULTIGRUND vapour control plaster.

UdiRECO External insulation system.

UdiRECO, the unique external wood fibre insulation system for uneven surfaces.

Unger-Diffutherm products overview

This brochure gives an overview of all of the Unger-Diffutherm systems including internal insulation, external insulation, new-build and retrofit systems for walls and roofs, air tightness products and more.

Unger Detail Catalogue

This is the full detail catalogue from Unger. if you have any details which do not appear in this catalogue please send them through to us and we'll get Unger to create a detail just for you!

Udi wall systems - installation guide

This guide gives advice and suggestion on how to install your UdiFRONT, UdiIN, UdiRECO and UdiSPEED systems.

UdiSTEP brochure

This brochure contains information on the UdiSTEP system, including UdiTHERM NF and UdiTHERM strong.

UdiIN2CM wood fibre insulation boards

System overview for the UdiIN2CM wood fibre insulation boards

UdiCLIMATE 30mm wood fibre boards

UdiCLIMATE 30mm wood fibre board data sheet.