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Breathable Primer for Renders and Plasters – Baumit PremiumPrimer

 Product Data Sheet – Baumit Premium Primer

Ready to use, acrylic based, waterborne quartz filled liquid primer for all Synthetic and mineral decorative finishes with high covering power. Hand application for external areas.  Primer for preparing surfaces of mineral substrates. To equalize suction of substrates and improve adhesion of subsequent mineral and synthetic decorative of Baumit topcoat renders. Properties: Composition: Technical Data:  Reduces and equalizes substrate suction to improve the curing and strength development of subsequent coatings as well as colour uniformity.  High pigment concentration produces a coloured equalisation of the substrate. Improves adhesion to substrates. Enhances the hydrophobic qualities of the background.  Does not inhibit water vapour diffusion through the substrate. Free from solvents. Organic binders, silicone-based additives, fillers, additives and water. Condition state: Liquid Colour: White (also coloured available) Solids content: ca. 60% VOC content: ca. < 30 g/l (complies with EU limitations) Density: 1470 kg/m3 pH-value: ca. 8.5 Consumption: ca. 0.2 – 0.25 kg/m2 (on basecoats) ca. 0.4 kg/m2 (on render coats) Yield: ca. 100-125 m²/25 kg bucket (on basecoats) ca. 60 m²/25 kg bucket (on render coats)

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