EWI fixings for difficult substrates - Baumit StarTrack

Baumit StarTrack Fixings are:-

  • used to provide additional mechanical fixing to bonded EWI systems.
  • designed to remove risk of mortar joint fixing.
  • ideal for rough, friable or previously rendered surfaces.

Where are they used?

  • Baumit StarTrack fixings are used on any part the main part of the facade.
  • Should not be used in the plinth area or with XPS.
  • Baumit StarTrack Red fixings are suitable for concrete, solid or perforated brickwork with up to 40mm of existing render.
  • Baumit StarTrack Blue fixings are suitable for un-rendered brick, stone or concrete.
  • Baumit StarTrack Orange fixings are suitable for un-rendered perforated brick, lightweight concrete and other soft substrates.

How are they used?

  • Set out grid pattern as determined by fixing type and exposure of location. See data sheets for more information.
  • Keeping at least 100mm from the edges of the building and ensuring the hole will not be in a mortar joint, use an 8mm drill bit to drill to the depth required by the fixing.
  • Insert the fixing in the hole and hammer/screw in plug to secure.
  • Apply a 20mm 'mortar foot' to the head of the fixing prior to application of the insulation boards.

How many will I need?

  • Typically, for domestic buildings under 9m height, you will require 6 fixings per m2 in a 400 x 400mm grid pattern.

This product is sold in boxes of 300 pcs

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