Renovating render/plaster - Fine - Baumit SP64 F

Baumit SP64 F render is:-

  • a hydrophobic, fine grained, renovating render for salt contaminated masonry.
  • highly vapour permeable and allows damp masonry to dry.
  • a lime based render, suitable for all types of solid masonry, historic or modern.
  • suitable as a base coat over smooth surfaces or a fine grained top coat.

Where is it used?

  • Internally and externally, including splash zones and wet rooms.
  • Baumit SP64 F lime render can be applied on to all types of dense masonry such as natural stone, brick, concrete block and cast concrete. 
  • It can be used as a base coat and a plain finish coat which can then receive decoration with a range of Baumit paints internally or Baumit decorative finish renders externally.

How is it used?

  • Baumit SP64 F is designed for machine application and hand application.
  • When hand mixing it should be mixed with clean tap water (6-7 litres per bag) using an electric whisk to a smooth creamy consistency and applied by hand with a steel trowel. 
  • Each backing coat must be a minimum of 10mm.
  • It should be applied at a minimum of 20mm ( 2 x 10mm coats) for sulphate and chloride contamination or 30mm (2 x 15mm coats) for nitrate contamination. 
  • Baumit StarTex mesh should be incorporated into the outer third of the base coat if the substrate is damp or made of dissimilar materials. 
  • The base coat should be finished with a plasterers comb or stiff brush to create a suitable key for decorative topcoat renders. 
  • When used as a finish coat it can be sponge finished and painted.
  • See data sheet for full instructions.

How much will you need?

  • Each 35kg bag of Baumit SP64 F will cover up to 1.9m2 at 15mm thickness. 
    This product can be bought by the 35kg bag or by the pallet of 36 bags (10% discount on bag price). 

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