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Passive house.

Passivhaus carbon emissions

Passivhaus carbon emissions

There is a perception that Passivhaus buildings use hardly any energy because of all of the insulation they contain. Whilst this construction standard provides unrivalled comfort and massively reduces the heat load required it does not necessarily mean the house uses much less energy for anything else.

Passivhaus carbon emissions


As an addendum to my last post I wanted to add a few things. The first being that the whilst the Silverton Passivhaus is an exceptionally well performing building the occupants are still consuming fairly large quantities of energy.

Passivhaus carbon emissions

Heatwave performance charts

From the data that we have collected from the Silverton Passivhaus since May, the most interesting period, in terms of the house’s performance, was during the heatwave in July.

Passivhaus carbon emissions

Passivhaus performance data

We have an ever growing database of information relating to the temperature and relative humidity of a passivhaus building. Externally we’re using a Davis weather station to produce a weather file and to monitor the internal conditions at the centre of the house.

What are the best insulation materials for a Passivhaus?

What are the best insulation materials for a Passivhaus?

This is a question we find a lot of our customers asking, especially after having walked around a trade show. There are, of course, many different ways to build to the Passivhaus standard and many types of insulation but from my experience some are better than others.

Passivhaus carbon emissions

Passive House Performance

With the recent heatwave now out of the way we can now see how well the UK’s Passive Houses have been doing. I had a long discussion on LinkedIn about how other’s building’s were doing and it seems a bit of a mix.

Passivhaus carbon emissions

How are passive houses made?

Passivhaus buildings don’t have to be made from any particular building material or system, which is the beauty of the standard. It can be applied to any building but not all buildings will achieve the standard.

Passivhaus carbon emissions

How does a passive house work?

Passivhaus buildings work by ensuring that very little heat is lost through the fabric of the building, that is the floors, walls and roof.

This is the area where we have all of the data sheets relating to the use of the following products.

This is the area where we have all of the data sheets relating to the use of the following products.

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