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Splatter coat mortar – Baumit SV 61

 PDS Baumit Sanova SV 61

Adhesion promoter for damp and salt-containing block/brickwork. Factory prepared dry powder mortar in accordance with DIN 18557 and DIN EN 998-1. Certified cement renovation spatterdashing mortar acc. to WTA for manual and machine application.  As part of the Baumit renovation renders system.  Baumit Sanova SV 61 spatterdash mortar provides a keying coat on to damp, salt-contaminated masonry substrates (brickwork, natural stone) to improve adhesion and equalize background suction.  The product is generally applied sporadically (50-60% coverage) but is also be applied as a full coating on to masonry with sulphate contamination or gypsum materials. Properties: Technical Data: Composition: Health and safety: Packaging: Storage: Quality Assurance:  Mineral based renovation spatterdashing mortar with good water retention capacity and good adhesion to the substrate.  Easy hand or machine application.  Optimised strength and high capillary performance suited to the conditions of damp, salt contaminated masonry.  The product may also be used on new masonry

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