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What should you use for sound insulation in your extension?

Chris Brookman
Member Admin

We often get asked about sound insulation between rooms and between floors, particularly in timber framed buildings as the assumption is that they will have poor sound insulation. The SteicoFlex flexible wood fibre insulation is excellent for sound insulation and a far more effective, sustainable and healthy alternative to fibre glass/mineral fibre insulation so it is what we recommend for any internal partitions as well as in between your first floor joists. To further boost the sound insulation you can use products such as the EBB Clay boards which offer incredible sound absorption, more than solid blockwork offers.

For sound insulation through the external walls and roof of your extension, don’t worry, the wood fibre materials that are included in our usual specifications provide extremely high levels of acoustic insulation to make the inside of your extension a quiet relaxing space to be.

Topic starter Posted : 09/03/2021 6:10 pm

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