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What is UdiRECO?

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UdiRECO is a really simple but unique solid wall insulation system for uneven surfaces. It is made up of two different layers, the front is a fairly rigid wood fibre board which carries the plaster or render and the backing is a softer form of wood fibre wool which moulds itself to the shape of the surface behind. Because you don’t need to render the wall flat first its perfect for using on stone buildings, old brick buildings or on rough rendered surfaces.

It comes in thicknesses from 80 up to 200 mm, the boards have a tongue and groove system on all edges and are fixed back to the wall with screw fixings. Using these fixings you can either flatten out walls or follow the contours of older walls to retain the character.

Externally, Unger’s UdiFOUNDATION COAT and self coloured UdiPERL render finishes it off to create a breathable, weather resistant surface.

The UdiINRECO system is exactly the same board but goes on the inside and uses the Multigrund moisture regulating plaster. This makes sure that you don’t get interstitial condensation in your walls.

So if you want a simple but highly effective insulation system for older buildings this is a great one for you. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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