Ceiling, Wall & Underfloor Heating

Lithotherm tiles are a very quick, simple and cost effective way to install underfloor heating. The tiles replace a screed that is normally used in solid floor construction and uniquely provides a system combining high thermal mass with very fast surface heating times.

Lithotherm tiles are made from basalt, which is crushed into aggregate to produce these tiles. The system can be covered with either tiles or floorboards and because it goes down as a dry system there is no waiting period before the finish can be applied.

Argillatherm tiles are used for supplying radiant heating from the ceiling and walls and can be used to provide localised additional comfort or as the main source of heating. Being made of clay, they can be used to provide heating and cooling without surface condensation.

Both systems fit well in to our range of products as they provides high thermal mass, dry construction and help to regulate the internal environment of buildings. For more information on how these systems can fit in to your project, contact us.