Floor Insulation

When considering insulating a floor the following guide gives you some insight in to the best methods and materials to use for each area.

Suspended floors

The SteicoFlex flexible wood fibre insulation is the best, all round insulation for this job as it is easy to cut and fits snugly between even the most wonky joists.

To see how we suggest you install this insulation, please see our guide - Installing suspended floor insulation

Solid Floors

If you're creating a completely new solid ground floor, see our guide on how we'd suggest you do this - Installing Solid Floor Insulation

For solid floors, UdiTHERM  or Beltermo Kombi square edge wood fibre boards are laid to the required depth over a concrete slab and DPC, staggering joints between the layers. We recommend using the Ampatex Sinco VCL membrane over this, for airtightness and to prevent condensation, as above.

Once installed you can lay your floating timber floor or a dry screed system, such as Lithotherm underfloor heating tiles.

If you have any questions or if your floor structure is not covered here, please contact us.