Airtightness Tapes & Membranes

We have created a range of air tightness products to complement all aspects of building with our systems. Our range of air tightness products covers all the areas needed to give you the best air testing results possible. From simple vapour control layers and breather membranes to more intelligent variable membranes, these are the products to ensure your building is dry and air tight. Whether you are building with timber frame or masonry we have all the tapes, sealants and accessories to ensure your building is as energy efficient as possible.

If you’d like to see the full Ampack airtightness product range, please download the brochure by clicking here or contact us to discuss it further.

Breathable roofing and walling membrane – Ampatop Protecta – 1.5m x 50m

£177.30+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Solvent free, air tight, wind tight sealant – Ampacoll Profix

£11.87+VAT per tube

Ampack Pressure Roller

£40.69+VAT per roller

Variable vapour control membrane – Ampatex Variano – 1.5m x 50m

£203.57+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Nail Sealing Tape – Ampacoll ND Duo – 60mm x 30m

£29.44+VAT per 30m roll

Foam joint sealing tape – UdiJOINTING Tape

£8.39+VAT per 7.5m roll

Penetration sealing tape – Ampacoll BK 535 – 50mm

£16.95+VAT per roll

Highly flexible airtightness tape – Ampacoll Flexx Pro 60mm x 40m

£25.97+VAT per roll

Breathable roofing and walling membrane – Ampatop Aero – 1.5m x 50m

£121.75+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Airtightness tape primer – Ampacoll Primax

£20.34+VAT per bottle

Window & Membrane edging tape – Ampacoll Fenax

£30.52+VAT per 25m roll

Multifunctional Joint Sealing Tape – Ampacoll Komprimax

£6.08+VAT per roll

Breathable airtightness tape – Ampacoll XT – 100 x 25m

£38.31+VAT per roll

Double sided mounting tape – Ampacoll DT – 20mm x 50m

£16.88+VAT per roll

Paper Vapour control and airtightness membrane – Sisalex 303

£135.39+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Interior airtightness tape – Ampacoll INT 60mm x 40m

£21.30+VAT per roll

Vapour control and airtightness membrane – Ampatex DB 90 

£138.31+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Liner-free paper airtightness tape – Ampacoll Easy – 60mm x 40m

£23.90+VAT per roll

Window Installation Tape – Ampacoll F – 80mm x 25m

£106.78+VAT per roll

Fire-rated UV resistant facade membrane – Ampatop RF Black

£269.09+VAT per 50 x 1.5m roll

Highly breathable airtightness membrane – Ampatex LDA 0.02 – 1.5m x 50m

£174.35+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Vapour control and air tight membrane – Ampatex Sinco – 1.5m x 100m

£276.62+VAT per 100m x 1.5m roll

Black airtightness tape – Ampacoll UV Flexx – 60mm x 40m

£40+VAT per 40m roll

Breathable air tightness corner tape – Ampacoll XT Double Slit – 60mm x 25m

£28.57+VAT per roll

Moisture barrier membrane for swimming pools and saunas – Ampatex Sisalex 518

£326.30+VAT per 1.5 x 50m roll.

Self-adhesive Window Sill DPC – Ampacoll Sillskin – 20m roll

£104.18+VAT per roll

Weather sealing tape – UdiSTEAM Alubutyl

£18.19+VAT per 10m roll

Weather resistant VCL membrane for CLT – Ampatex Solero

£127.60+VAT per 50m x 1.5m roll

Weldable breathable roofing membrane – Ampatop Seal – 1.5m x 30m

£369.48+VAT per 30m x 1.5m roll