Clay Boards & Plasters

On this page we look at our clay building products. Firstly, our EBB clay building boards are a sustainable alternative to gypsum plasterboards and have many additional benefits. They combine the advantages of drywall construction for internal walls and ceilings with the amazing properties of clay as a sustainable, healthy and versatile material.

Secondly, clay building products add significantly to the thermal mass of a structure and by buffering humidity well they passively optimise the relative humidity of the internal climate. This high mass gives rise to un-rivalled sound absorption qualities and importantly, since clay doesn’t burn the boards are A1 fire rated which provides a sustainable way to create fire barriers.

Finally, the EBB boards can be finished with our Baumit Viton clay plasters to fully utilise all of the benefits of the material or a more robust lime plaster such as Baumit RK38 can be used instead.