Internal Wall Insulation

This page gives you a quick overview of all of the components you’ll need for a successful installation of our systems.

The insulation boards at the top of the page each have installation instructions which detail all of the components you'll need. You can also see which products will work best for you by using our Specification Generator tool.

Lime bonding render and plaster – Baumit MC55 W

£22.59+VAT per bag

Cavity fill insulation – Cemwood CW1000

£21.39+VAT per bag

Plinth insulation – Styrodur 2800 C XPS

£9.30+VAT per board

Hydraulic lime render for traditional buildings – Baumit Klima RK 39

£20.80+VAT per bag

Rapido Clay Plaster Fine Finish

£47.36+VAT per bag

Breathable lime finish plaster and render – Baumit Multifine RK 70 N

£19.23+VAT per bag

Square edge wood fibre insulation boards – UdiTHERM SK

£4.28+VAT per board

Wood fibre board glue – UdiSPECIAL ADHESIVE

£9.82+VAT per tube

Vapour control plaster – UdiMULTIGRUND

£52.81+VAT per bag

Super-insulating Aerogel plaster – Fixit 222

£183.02+VAT per 50 litre bag (for approved contractor installation only)

Ultra-thin wood fibre insulation boards – UdiIN 2CM

£18.94+VAT per board

Internal and external wood fibre insulation boards – Diffutherm

£24.57+VAT per board

Breathable render for concrete blockwork – Baumit KZP 65

£15.76+VAT per 35kg bag

Fibreglass reinforcing mesh for render – UdiREINFORCEMENT

£82.57+VAT per roll

Mineral Insulation Board – Xella Multipor

£5.39+VAT per 60mm board

Lightweight lime render and plaster – Baumit MP 69

£16.28+VAT per bag

White base coat render – Baumit StarContact White

£15.83+VAT per bag

Extremely fine lime finishing plaster – Baumit Klima Glatte

£25.40+VAT per bag

Fine clay plaster – Baumit VitonFein

£15.83+VAT per bag

Internal wall insulation – UdiTHERM NF

£5.42+VAT per board

Wood fibre reveal insulation board

£7.61+VAT per board

Fiberglass reinforcing mesh – Baumit StarTex

£52.70+VAT per 50m roll

Breathable Insulating Plaster – Baumit DP 85

£17.64+VAT per bag

Internal hydraulic lime plaster – Baumit RK 38

£24.83+VAT per bag