Wall Insulation

Walls can be tricky. In the winter they need to keep the heat in and in the summer they need to keep the heat out. They have to keep the weather out to keep you dry and yet they are always full of holes so we can see the world and get in and out. This is why we chose these great products.

Our wood fibre insulation systems can be used on the outside or the inside of new buildings or renovations, for rendered or clad finishes. The boards can usually be used inside and out but the plasters/renders change and detailing is different. Outside the detailing is comprehensive and reassuring, inside it is simple but robust. Just the way we like it.

You’ll find detail drawings and other products you might need on each page but if you need any advice contact us. We’re happy to help.

Universal wood fibre insulation board – NaturHeld Wall

£10.73+VAT per board

Mineral Insulation Board – Xella Multipor

£5.39+VAT per 60mm board

Super-insulating Aerogel plaster – Fixit 222

£183.02+VAT per 50 litre bag (for approved contractor installation only)

Wood fibre insulation sarking board – Beltermo Top

£16.60+VAT per board

Universal Wood Fibre Insulation Boards – Pavatex Isolair Multi

£19.25+VAT per board

Wood Fibre Insulation Sarking Boards – UdiTOP

£12.67+VAT per board

Universal Wood Fibre Insulation Boards – Steico Protect Dry M

£19.17+VAT per board

Universal wood fibre insulation board – Beltermo Ultra

£15.10+VAT per board

Square edge internal wall insulation – Beltermo Room

£+VAT per board

Internal wall insulation – UdiTHERM NF

£5.42+VAT per board

Wood fibre insulation boards for uneven walls – UdiRECO

£+VAT per board

Tough wood fibre render carrier board – UdiSPEED

£17.65+VAT per board

Square edge wood fibre insulation – Beltermo Kombi

£7.08+VAT per board

Ultra-thin wood fibre insulation boards – UdiIN 2CM

£18.94+VAT per board

Internal and external wood fibre insulation boards – Diffutherm

£24.57+VAT per board

Wood fibre reveal insulation board

£7.61+VAT per board

Thermal and acoustic flexible wood fibre wool insulation – SteicoFLEX

£23.85+VAT per pack

Square edge wood fibre insulation boards – UdiTHERM SK

£4.28+VAT per board

Plinth insulation – Styrodur 2800 C XPS

£9.30+VAT per board

Cavity fill insulation – Cemwood CW1000

£21.39+VAT per bag

Insulating levelling aggregate – Cemwood CW2000

£24.37+VAT per bag

Breathable Insulating Plaster – Baumit DP 85

£17.64+VAT per bag