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Back to Earth provides essential knowledge, materials and support to those seeking to improve building performance.

The solutions we offer at Back to Earth are practical, robust and above all, simple. We offer design and installation guidance on all of our products so if these materials and systems are new to you or you need any advice, just call or email us with any questions and we’ll do our best to help. ​

We take a ‘Fabric First’ approach to construction which focusses on the materials used to build or renovate your home before deciding on the systems that will heat, ventilate and cool it. Our focus is on roof, wall and floor insulation and how they can help keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and improve resilience. This way we can help you create highly efficient, low energy or Passivhaus homes which stay comfortable in a warming world.

The materials and systems you see here are an investment into the fabric of your home, one that helps reduce your reliance on heating, cooling and excessive ventilation. The products are selected from companies who demonstrate high levels of both technical and practical understanding. This ensures we can give you the help you need to use them and that you’ll be happy with the final results.

Through our unique understanding of building materials and the construction process we provide the most energy efficient materials available to create comfortable and healthy indoor spaces. Many of our products are made from recyclable and recycled materials, ensuring the minimum impact on the environment and allowing you to create a true eco home.


What are the benefits of building a sustainable home?

December 17, 2015

The most immediate benefits are of course financial. The reduction in energy usage has an obvious knock on to reduction in monthly outgoings for heating, lighting, etc. In many cases these are enormously reduced by anything up to 95% over the current average UK house. Improved water efficiency is another benefit as this reduces bills again. Reducing energy demand/consumption also improves our energy security making us less reliant at any particular time. Energy security describes our susceptibility to the variations in the supply and cost of energy, whether from national or international sources. There are other, more subtle benefits that are less easy to put a price tag on, comfort being one of them. Having a home which is designed...

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Extensions to the rear of terraced and inaccessible buildings

December 14, 2015

The Scenario Extension to rear of terraced house. The rear of the house was remodelled to form a new ensuite bedroom and new, much larger, kitchen area and outdoor patio seating area. The Traditional Approach Access through the house itself. Use concrete slabs for floor - it can be difficult to get concrete slabs completely level. Concrete floors are messy and normally site mixed concrete is used - variable quality. Screeds for UFH add lots of moisture to otherwise dry buildings, which then have to dry. Slow response time with screeded floors and conventional UFH systems. The Intelligent Solution Using Cemwood and Lithotherm combination avoids need for concrete slab and issues relating to levelling and screed drying times. Cemwood -...

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