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Airtightness tape primer – Ampacoll Primax

Ampacoll Primax Primer is:-

  • a solvent-free, permanently tacky, etching primer for all Ampack butyl and acrylic tapes.
  • for priming all porous surfaces, bare wood fibre boards and masonry surfaces prior to application of tapes and sealants.
  • ideal for use on roofs. The square bottle means it won’t roll away!

Product overview

Where is it used?

Ampacoll Primax Primer can be applied to all kinds of masonry, concrete and wood fibre surfaces internally and externally

How is it used?

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust before the primer is applied. Apply a strip of primer straight from the bottle and spread with a brush.
  • The Ampacoll Primax primer should be allowed to dry completely (no white areas left) before tapes are applied.
  • Ampacoll Primax primer is not suitable for areas submerged in water.

How much will you need?

Each 1kg container of Ampacoll Primax primer will cover 4-5m2 depending on the texture of the surface, enough for up to 85m of 60mm wide tape.

Pricing & shipping

This product comes in a small box and so will be sent by courier, costing around £13 + VAT.

 ContainerContents CoverageCostCost per bottle for  box of 6 bottles
square bottle 1000ml 4-5m² depending on surface £22.60£20.34

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