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Solvent free, air tight, wind tight sealant – Ampacoll Profix

Ampacoll Profix sealant is:-

  • a solvent free, water based durable elastic liquid adhesive
  • permanently elastic and tacky
  • repositionable
  • an ideal adhesive to stick membranes and many other, surfaces
  • resistance against condensation and run-off water.

Product overview

Where is it used?

Ampacoll Profix sealant is a solvent free, airtight, windtight durable elastic liquid adhesive. It can be used to seal the junction between membranes and walls, to seal under sole plates or anywhere a permanently elastic long life seal is required.  The liquid adhesive sticks to many other, sometimes tricky surfaces and can also be used to level off irregular surfaces on the building structure

How is it used?

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust before the adhesive is applied.
  • Apply the Ampacoll Profix adhesive continuously in an 8 to 10mm thick bead to the substrate
  • Membranes should be lightly pressed onto bead without pressing it flat.
  • Drying times will vary with humidity and temperature. A short airing time can improve the initial bonding.

How much will you need?

The Ampacoll Profix covers at 30 – 50 ml/m. Allow at least 5% for wastage.

Pricing & shipping

This product comes in a small box and so will be sent by courier, costing around £13 + VAT.

 ContainerContents [kg] CoverageCost for single cartridgeCost per cartridge for 12+ cartridges
tube290ml30 – 50 ml / m£13.19£11.87

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