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Cavity fill insulation – Cemwood CW1000

Cemwood CW1000 cavity fill is:-

  • an eco-friendly, insulating aggregate made from mineralised wood chips.
  • a cavity filling material for all non masonry cavities or masonry cavities above DPC with external insulation.
  • a rapidly installed, load bearing, levelling, insulation fill for solid floors.
  • great acoustic and thermal insulation for suspended floors.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • Cemwood CW1000 can be used as an insulation fill under wet or dry screed materials, under floating timber floors or under the Lithotherm underfloor heating system.
  • It can also be used within timber floor structures to reduce sound transmission and increase thermal insulation.
  • Suitable for new build or refurbishment projects.

How is it used?

  • Voids should be dry and free of debris and moisture for maximum effectiveness.
  • If used in a masonry cavity wall ensure a barrier is installed at DPC level to prevent Cemwood filling up below DPC. Also ensure air bricks are not blocked.
  • The Cemwood CW 1000 can simply be poured in from the top of the cavity and allowed to fill the cavity below. Tricky areas can be vibrated with a blunt SDS hammer chisel on a solid piece of timber pressed against the wall to ensure complete filling.
  • For floor levelling, the Cemwood CW 1000 comes in sacks and can be simply poured in to place and levelled off with thicknesses varying from 10 – 60mm maximum.
  • The easiest way to instal is to set up rails, using timber battens or metal pipes and level off with a long straight edge.
  • Once levelled, carefully remove rails and fill in voids.
  • Before laying a timber floor over, add a layer of 22mm UdiTOP wood fibre boards to spread the load and prevent any granules getting in to the T&G joints in the flooring.

How much will you need?

Cemwood CW 1000 has a density of 0.32kg per mm per m² (1mm thickness over 1m²). Each 16kg bag (50 litres)  will cover up to 1m² at 50mm thickness or 5m² at 10mm thickness.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set?

  • Cemwood CW 1000 is a dry product and can have a load applied to it immediately after laying. There is no drying required.
  • We can also supply a Silicate solution which can be sprayed over the Cemwood CW 1000 to bind the surface granules together. This will typically cure overnight to form a hard crust on the surface. Please contact us for details.

What are its properties?

  • Thermal conductivity – 0.07 W/mK
  • Grain size – 1-5mm

Technical details

Pricing & shipping

This product will require one pallet space and so shipping is likely to cost between £50 and £100, depending on where you live. Contact Us for a more accurate costing.

Bag weight (kg) Coverage [m²]Single bag costFull pallet bag cost
161m2 @ 50mm£21.75£19.58

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