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Clay board washers – Fischer 36mm

Fischer 36mm washers are:-

  • available in stainless steel or plastic, depending on plasters to be used.
  • ideal for supporting screws when fixing clay boards, preventing pull-through.
  • suitable for holding other insulation boards, such as UdiIN 2CM or Diffutherm reveal boards.

Product overview

Where is it used?

To hold clay boards on to ceilings or walls

How is it used?

  • EBB Clay boards should be fixed using either drywall screws or stainless screws (depending on plaster to be applied) to a timber frame at a maximum of 625mm centres for walling and 417mm centres for ceiling applications.
  • Use plastic or stainless washers for clay plasters but only stainless steel washers and screws should be used where lime plasters are to be applied.
  • Insert the screw through the centre of the washer and screw through the board into the timber behind, ensuring the screw penetrates the timber by at least 30mm.
  • Do not over-tighten. The washer needs to fit snugly on the surface and must not crease up or be pulled below the surface of the boards.
  • Ensure the washer does not overhang the edges of the boards and is not used to span a joint between two boards.

How much will you need?

  • Use one per screw.
  • Use 9 screws per clay board on walls or 12 screws per clay board on ceilings.

Pricing & shipping

 MaterialThicknessNumber per box Box cost
stainless steel0.75mm100£44.51

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