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Fibreglass reinforcing mesh for render – UdiREINFORCEMENT


  • an easy to use, SBR coated, fibre glass reinforcing mesh
  • for reinforcing UdiFOUNDATION COAT exterior render on wood fibre insulation.
  • for reinforcing UdiMULTIGRUND interior vapour control plaster on wood fibre insulation.
  • for reinforcing of all thin layer renders.

Product overview

Where is it used?

It is designed for use with all Unger-Diffutherm renders/plasters and can be used in all locations, internal or external.

How is it used?

  • UdiREINFORCEMENT mesh is bedded in to a wet render/plaster. When applying, the render should be combed with a knotched trowel first to ensure the correct thickness and then the mesh trowelled in to it.
  • The render/plaster should be troweled until the mesh is no longer visible and is covered by the plaster. Always ensure at least 100mm overlaps between pieces.

How much will you need?

Each 50 x 1m roll of UdiREINFORCEMENT mesh will cover around 45m2 including laps.

Frequently asked questions

Which direction should I lay the mesh in?

  • On large, open areas of facade laying strips vertically is best but on smaller, more awkward areas either direction is fine.
  • Always ensure at least 100mm overlap on edge edge of the mesh.

Technical details

Pricing & shipping

Size of roll [m]Single roll cost5+ rolls [each]
50 x 1£82.57£74.32

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