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Fire-rated UV resistant facade membrane – Ampatop RF Black

Ampatop RF Black fire rated facade membrane is:-

  • a class B fire rated breathable membrane (s1,d0) for use with open and closed cladding or on roofs.
  • UV resistant for over 10 years sunlight penetrating through the gaps.
  • suitable for use with gaps up to 50mm wide and open areas up to 40% of the total facade area.
  • a thick but breathable membrane, suitable for use over our wood fibre insulation systems.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • Ampatop RF Black can be used on all vertical facades where no more than 40% of the surface between cladding strips or modules is open.
  • It can be used on closed facades or on roof structures, over wood fibre insulation or directly on to timber studs/rafters.

How is it used?

  • Ampatop RF black should be laid onto the existing support structure, taut and without any folds, with the black side out- wards.
  • It should be fastened with staples that must be invisible in the overlap area. It is advantageous to cover them with battens.
  • Both the vertical and the horizontal overlaps should be 10cm wide and taped down with Ampacoll UV tape, so that it is windproof.
  • Next the counter battens are laid, thus finally fixing the wind proofing to the support structure.
  • Visible staples that are exposed to the weather could lead to leaks, and as such should be avoided.
  • We recommend fixings that are galvanised as a minimum, with stainless steel being preferable.
  • The counter battens are required to secure further work and prevent any possible weather effects (e. g. wind suction or pressure).
  • Penetrations and connections should be bonded to make them windproof with Ampacoll UV Flexx tape.
  • The connection width should, where possible, be at least 10 cm. If this is not possible, a mechanical fixing is advisable.
  • In the case of windows and external doors, Ampatop RF black should be made windproof with Ampacoll UV Flexx tape on the frame and if necessary secured mechanically.
  • We recommend that the façade cladding is installed as soon as possible. In any event, the cladding must be mounted within 6 months.
  • The joint width may be up to 50 mm. The individual façade elements must be at least twice as wide.
  • The percentage of openings must not exceed 40 %.

How much will you need?

  • Each roll of Ampatop RF Black is 50 x 1.5m, or 75m² per roll.
  • Overlaps of 100mm are recommended which reduces the coverage of a roll to 70m²

Frequently asked questions

Can I use it on a roof?

  • Ampatop RF Black is suitable for fully tiled/slated roofs but not suitable for use on roofs with gaps between roof covering materials.
  • For roofs down to a pitch of 5° use Ampatop Seal. This product is not designed to be exposed for more than 3 months though so make sure that the roof is covered by this time.

Pricing & shipping

This product is on a 1.5m long roll and will be sent by courier, costing around £20 + VAT

Roll length [m]Roll width [m]Roll Area [m²]Membrane weight [g/m²]Roll weight [kg]Sd value [m]Single roll cost [£]3+ rolls [each]

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