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Silicon render accelerator – Baumit SpeedTop

Baumit SpeedTop is:-

  • a ready to use additive to speed up the setting of silicone and acrylic finish renders.
  • suitable for use up to 95% relative humidity (e.g. very high humidity).
  • great for enabling winter rendering of facades.

Product overview

Where is it used?

Baumit SpeedTop is used as an additive and mixed with acrylic and silicone based deocrative finish renders, such as SilikonTop, FineTop and GanoporTop.

How is it used?

  • Each 250ml bottle of Baumit SpeedTop is added to a full tub of silicone or acrylic render.
  • Mix with a plaster whisk until the tub is fully mixed.
  • Do not add water to the tub of render prior to or after adding the Baumit SpeedTop.
  • Add the full contents of each bottle to each tub.
  • Adjusting volumes added does not change the temperature range through which the material can be used.

How much will you need?

Each 250ml bottle is suitable for one 25kg tub of top coat render.

Pricing & shipping

Size of bottle [ml]No. of tubs to accelerateSingle bottle costBox of 24 bottles [each]

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