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Spiral fixings for insulation systems – Fischer FID50

Fischer FID50 Spiral fixings for insulation system is:-

  • a great way to fix lightweight items into wood fibre and other insulation boards.
  • suitable for fixing items of up to 10kg in rendered wood fibre boards
  • suitable for installation after render/plaster has been applied.
  • ideal for fixing of downpipes, burglar alarms and outside lights and for fixing of lightweight fittings internally.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • In to all types of solid wood fibre boards, internally or externally.
  • usually in walls but can be used on ceilings too, although the load capacity would be reduced.

How is it used?

  • A 6 mm pilot hole should be drilled into the wood fibre boards prior to installing the FID 50 fixing,
  • If the surface has been rendered or plastered, a 10mm slot should also be cut adjacent to the hole to allow the plastic thread to penetrate.
  • If used externally, a thin bead of sealant should be applied to the underside of the head to ensure a watertight seal to the rendered surface.
  • Once the FID50 fixing is installed a 4.5 or 5mm x 50mm screw can be used to screw into the centre of the fixing to hold your fitting.

How much will you need?

  • Each box contains 50 fixings or you can buy them individually.
  • Ensure there is no more than 10kg vertical/shear dead load per fixing in to wood fibre. Live loads should be restricted to 5 kg shear load

Product videos

Material in action

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