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Square edge wood fibre insulation – Beltermo Kombi

Beltermo Kombi wood fibre insulation boards are:-

  • low density, highly insulating, dry-process square edge board.
  • simple, breathable, non-renderable wood fibre insulation boards.
  • great for using on ground or suspended floors for insulation and sound deadening.
  • used in walls and roofs for acoustic insulation and thermal mass.
  • for use behind the Beltermo Top and Beltermo Ultra wood fibre boards to improve insulation levels.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • Beltermo Kombi wood fibre boards are square edged and used for external solid wall insulation or for direct fixing to timber frames. It is also used under domestic flooring as an insulation and sound deadening layer.
  • Beltermo Kombi can also be used in roofing applications and is ideally suited to CLT/LVL panelling.

How is it used?

  • Beltermo Kombi boards are always laid in a landscape orientation.
  • As external solid wall insulation Beltermo Kombi boards should start at least 300mm above the ground level and laid in a brick bond pattern. Joints should also be staggered with the covering boards. Use 3 fixings per board to hold the boards prior to through fixing with the covering boards.
  • For application to timber frame or roof structures, use temporary fixings to hold the boards in place prior to final fixing with covering boards or counter battens.
  • For application to CLT/LVL follow the same instructions as above for external solid wall insulation.
  • In floors the boards can be placed or bonded to the floor before covering. Try not to use screws/nails if sound insulation is needed.

How much will you need?

  • Each Beltermo Kombi Insulation board is 1200 x 600mm or 0.72m2.
  • The boards come in a range of thicknesses from 40 – 200mm but sizes above 140mm are only available on request.
  • Beltermo Kombi is available by the board or in full pallets with a 10% discount over the single board price.

Frequently asked questions

What is their thermal conductivity?

The Beltermo Kombi boards have a conductivity of 0.037 W/mK, which is very low for this type of material.

Technical details

Pricing & shipping

This product will require one pallet space and so shipping is likely to cost between £50 and £100, depending on where you live. Contact Us for a more accurate costing.

Thickness [mm]Weight [kg/sqm]Board dim. [cm]Number of boards per palletPallet covers [sqm]Pallet weight [kg]Pallet dim. [cm] [LxWxH]single board costboard in full pallets
404.4120 x 606043.2200120 x 120 x 135£7.08£6.37
505.5120 x 604834.56200120 x 120 x 135£8.85£7.96
606.6120 x 604028.8200120 x 120 x 135£10.62£9.55
808.8120 x 603021.6200120 x 120 x 135£14.15£12.74
10011120 x 602217.28200120 x 120 x 135£17.69£15.92
12013.2120 x 602014.4200120 x 120 x 135£21.23£19.11

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