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Square edge wood fibre insulation boards – UdiTHERM SK

UdiTHERM SK wood fibre insulation boards are:-

  • simple, breathable, wet-processed wood fibre insulation boards.
  • high density so great for using on ground or suspended floors for insulation and sound deadening.
  • used in walls and roofs for acoustic insulation and thermal mass.
  • for use behind the UdiTOP, UdiSPEED or UdiUnger-Diffutherm boards to improve insulation levels.
  • suitable for use in internal wall insulation.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • UdiTHERM SK wood fibre boards are square edged and used for internal and external solid wall insulation (not for direct rendering externally) or for direct fixing to timber frames.
  • It is also used under domestic flooring as an insulation and sound deadening layer.
  • The boards can be used as a very effective sound absorber in walls and floors to prevent reverberation within rooms

How is it used?

  • As internal/external wall insulation UdiTHERM boards should start at least 300mm above the ground level and joints should be staggered with UdiSPEED/UdiUnger-Diffutherm boards. Use 4 fixings per m² to hold the boards.
  • In floors the boards can be placed or bonded to the floor before covering. Try not to use screws/nails if sound insulation is needed.
  • For detailed guidance on installing and direct plastering the boards, please see our installation guide – Internal wall insulation with lime plaster finish
  • For detailed guidance on installing and using a plasterboard finish, please see our installation guide – Internal wall insulation with plasterboard finish

How much will you need?

The UdiTHERM SK Insulation boards are 1350 x 600mm or 0.81m².

Frequently asked questions

Are they very soft?

The boards have a lower compressive strength than many of our other boards but that is useful when it comes to impact and sound absorption.

What is their thermal conductivity?

Although the density of the UdiTHERM boards is more than three times that of the SteicoFLEX at 160 kg/m³, their thermal conductivity is the same at 0.038 W/mK

See it in action

Using the boards under rafters

Pricing & shipping

This product will require two pallet spaces and so shipping is likely to cost between £100 and £200, depending on where you live. Contact Us for a more accurate costing.

Thickness [mm]Weight [kg/sqm]Board dim. [cm]Boards per palletPallet covers [sqm]Per pallet [kg]Price per board – singlePrice per board – full pallets
203.2135 x 6011693.96300£4.64£4.17
304.8135 x 607459.94300£6.50£5.85
406.4135 x 605645.36300£8.83£7.95
609.6135 x 603830.78300£13.20£11.88
8012.8135 x 602822.68300£18.28£16.45
10016135 x 602217.82300£22.86£20.57

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