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Timber fixings – Fischer Termofix

Fischer Termofix Timber fixings are:-

  • easy to use.
  • thermally decoupled
  • perfect for fixing all insulation boards to timber substrates and timber frames.

Product overview

Where is it used?

Fischer Termofix Timber fixings are suitable for internal or external use on to all types of timber frames, timber lintles or on to cross-laminated panels.

How is it used?

  • Simply hold your insulation board in the desired position.
  • Make sure the fixing is at least 50mm from the edges of the board.
  • Screw the fixing into the board and then into the timber beneath and stop once the head is level with the surface of the board.
  • Finally, insert the polystyrene plug in to the head to prevent any plaster reaching the head of the screw.

How much will you need?

  • Each box contains 100 screws. Depending on the system, you will need between 6 and 9 fixings per square metre.
  • Fixings should penetrate the timber substrate by at least 40mm so allow 40mm in addition the the thickness of the insulation.

Pricing & shipping

Fixing length (mm)For insulation thickness [mm]Overall length [mm]Number per boxSingle piece cost

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