How to cut and install flexible wood fibre Insulation

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One question we get ask a lot by clients is ‘what’s the best way to cut wood fibre insulation?’ The following short video explains how we’d suggest you do so. 

In summary you can use a hand saw for quick cuts and if you don’t have much to cut but it’s hard work on larger jobs. A Skilsaw/Power saw is better, the bigger the saw, the thicker the board you can cut. You need to use a rip saw with as few teeth as possible as this helps keep the blade clear of fluff.

The best tool to use for all the different types of wood fibre insulation is the Alligator saw. DeWalt and Bosch do them and you want to use the wood cutting blades if possible (although the TCT blades for masonry also work, albeit more slowly).

Another query we often hear is ‘what’s the best way to install wood fibre insulation?’ Again, we’ve put together a short video to explain all.

A flexible wood fibre insulation is very simple to install. Begin by positioning the piece between your studs or rafters, if you’re going to use it on a roof. Make sure the piece is between 5 and 10mm wider than the cavity your pushing it into. This will ensure that there is a nice friction fit.
Once you’ve initially placed the wood fibre insulation into the cavity, grab a piece of wood and use it to push the material in even further. It’s best to use a flat surface rather than your hand as doing so will create dents at the edge of the cavity that will then allow air to flow and therefore impact on the efficiency of your insulation.
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