‘How-to’ videos

On the new site we will be adding how-to videos in the ‘Resources’ section for our customers. Initially this will be for the Unger-diffutherm products but we will slowly add for the our other systems too.

Our first two videos are on plinth insulation for external wall insulation and how to instal it. This is a very important area as it gets a lot of rain, mud and also impact over the course of it’s life.

This video shows installing a full plinth insulation down to ground level.

This video shows plinth insulation being installed in a tray.

For all of our systems we use a high density enhanced expanded polystyrene (EPS 200) which is very tough but also has a very low conductivity (0.031W/mK) and does not absorb water. This can be installed into a plinth tray, down to ground level or taken below ground level with drainage.

If you have any suggestions for videos please let us know.

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