Heatwave performance charts

Find out more about the passive house standard of building.

From the data that we have collected from the Silverton Passivhaus since May, the most interesting period, in terms of the house’s performance, was during the heatwave in July. We saw temperatures in excess of 32 degrees which is a good test for the Passivhaus principle but also for the design input that we as a company have had on the building. If you want to download a drawing of the house, please click here for the PDF or click here for the data.

The house contains around 120 tonnes of concrete and steel that are fully within the insulation envelope. There are also around 20 tonnes of clay boards and around 6 tonnes of Fermacell boards which also add to the mass. The house uses a lot of wood fibre insulation wool and wood fibre boards for insulation. These have high thermal mass and should help keep the house cool in a heatwave.

The charts below, apart from looking like my 2 year old daughter has had a go with some colouring pens, show how the temperature varied with time during the heatwave in July this year.

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