The importance of using external wall insulation materials that are strong, durable and robust.

Find out more about how we approach this building scenario.

The problem:

One area that is sometimes overlooked whilst on site is the weather tolerance of the materials being used. The UK is well known for it’s high rainfall and for it’s ability to surprise, at any time of the year.

We believe that when building, materials should be robust enough to withstand the weather and being handled by installers.

The last thing you need on a building site is for your materials to break or become so saturated with water, they’re not fit for use.

The prospect of having at best to replace or at worst, buy some new material, is extremely inconvenient; especially if budgets and timeframes for the project are tight.

When using wood fibre insulation boards in particular, you need a high density board with good weather and impact tolerance.

Some wood fibre boards can become saturated with water and even break when sitting around on a building site. This can be due to their lack of density and use of synthetic glues that hold the fibres in the boards together.

Our solution:

We supply the UdiSPEED board which is designed to be highly weather tolerant and impact resistant, yet still give all of the benefits of breathability and flexibility.

It’s high density and because it doesn’t use synthetic glues to hold it together, means that it can cope with a wide range of weather conditions and high force impact. This makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas such as schools and public areas where impact is likely to occur.

Whilst we don’t recommend you let our boards get saturated, if this does happen they dry quickly and return to their original, tough state, ready to be rendered.

If you’ve experienced problems with wood fibre boards breaking or becoming saturated with water and would like to request a free sample of our material (UdiSPEED), please do give us a call on 01392 861763 to arrange delivery.
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