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Today (4th December) we’ve finished another very successful Unger licensing course. This is a two day course on all of our Unger-Diffutherm wood fibre insulation systems and was the first time we’ve used our new office for these events. Amazingly, it all seemed to work very well with everyone well fed and watered in between each theory and practical session.

The course is fairly intensive for our participants and is a mixture of learning the theory behind the products and the practical installation of them. Sabine Groeneveld from Unger (and NaturePlus) in Germany came over and discussed in depth how the systems work, how it is so important to be able to manage moisture in buildings (especially in our maritime climate) and also the importance of correct detailing with all of the systems (again, because of our maritime climate!!).

Each time we run the courses I am amazed by the level of detail that Unger use to ensure that the systems work correctly and do not get damaged or cause damage to the building to which they are fitted. The thoroughness with which each component has been selected and how it is used is very reassuring, both for the installers and for me as a retailer. After all, we selected Unger a a supplier from the various manufacturers on the market because of this. They also innovate and put their money where their mouth is by offering their own 15 year warranty on some of the systems.

All of our participants came away excited and enthused about what systems they can use on current and future projects. They now have a realistic understanding of the complexities of installing insulation and how it completely changes the dynamics of buildings. These installers realise that you cannot just ‘slap it on’ and hope to achieve a decent, long lasting result and now have the skills to create high quality installations and can offer the Unger 15 year warranty.

Now that we have the new offices set up we will aim to run these installers courses as often as possible for those keen to understand these amazing systems and how to install them. If you are interested get in touch here and let us know. We try and keep the sessions to 5-6 people at a time so as everyone gets very hands on training and fully understands it all. We look forward to seeing you.

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