What are EBB Clay Boards?

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EBB clay boards are a simple but extremely effective way of adding both thermal mass and acoustic insulation to the walls or ceilings of buildings. They work especially well in timber frame buildings as they are notoriously lightweight and noisy. The boards are a 22mm thick slab of clay and chopped plant fibres sandwiched between 2 layers of fibreglass mesh. The great thing about that is that you simply score both faces with a sharp knife and snap it, just like plasterboard so it’s really easy to use.

The boards can be screwed directly to timber studs and a sheet of this each side of a timber stud with UdiFLEX wood fibre wool inside has around 4 times the acoustic absorption of a solid concrete block wall, so they’re pretty good.

They can be used as a plaster carrier and direct plastered with either clay or lime plasters or they can be boarded over and just used for their thermal mass and acoustic properties.

We also supply EBB PCM clay boards, PCM meaning phase change material. These are a 16mm board which incorporates a matrix filled with a clay and special wax bead mixture and finished with a thin clay skim. The clay and PCM mixture enables the boards to store enormous amounts of heat which prevents buildings overheating inside on hot days. Combined with an MVHR system this forms a very low energy way to keep buildings cool.

So, if you want a very green and practical way to save money and keep your building cool and quiet, this is a great product for you. If you’d like to know more, call or email us

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