What are the benefits of a passive house?

Find out more about the passive house standard of building.

There are so many benefits to Passivhaus, financial, physiological and psychological. Financially, although the build cost can be slightly higher, the running costs are so much lower that you really stop caring whether the energy suppliers are adding a few percent to their energy bills. In terms of heating, each year old houses in the UK use around 200 kWh for each metre of floor area. Modern houses use around 120kWh and passivhaus buildings are less than 15kWh. Ours was actually 3kWh per square meter for a whole year!!. This means you spend at least 85% less each year on heating. They also keep much cooler in heat waves if you use the right materials, such as EBB Clay boards and Unger-Diffutherm wood fibre insulation systems.

Inside Passivhaus buildings you don’t get drafts or cold floors and you also don’t get stuffy because you always have fresh air delivered by the ventilation system. This improves your health, your circulation, you don’t get so many colds, it’s good for asthmatics and it’s good for anyone who spends lots of time sitting still.

Finally, psychologically, the improvements in your health and comfort make you happier, reduce stress and it’s a much more pleasant and relaxing space to be in. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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