What are the benefits of building a sustainable home?

Find out more about how we approach this building scenario.

The most immediate benefits are of course financial. The reduction in energy usage has an obvious knock on to reduction in monthly outgoings for heating, lighting, etc. In many cases these are enormously reduced by anything up to 95% over the current average UK house. Improved water efficiency is another benefit as this reduces bills again.

Reducing energy demand/consumption also improves our energy security making us less reliant at any particular time. Energy security describes our susceptibility to the variations in the supply and cost of energy, whether from national or international sources.

There are other, more subtle benefits that are less easy to put a price tag on, comfort being one of them. Having a home which is designed and constructed well and insulated properly ensures a much more stable, warmer environment, keeping occupants more healthy and long living which beneficial to us all. People feel better psychologically and are happier being in a warm fresh environment which again has knock on effects.

Finally, but equally as importantly, sustainable homes reduce our impact on the environment. The materials used to build them are less or non-polluting and the energy required to run them is minimised. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that you are reducing your impact on the environment, not wasting resources for future generations and the legacy that you leave is a benefit not a detriment.


If you want to find out more about how to effectively manage your sustainable building project, check out The Self-Build Series. This series of guides has been put together to you understand sustainable construction. We hope you find them useful!

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