What is UdiTOP?

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UdiTOP wood fibre roof insulation sarking board is a very simple system. The UdiTOP boards are a high density wood fibre insulation sarking board which is laid straight on top of your rafters. It has a tongue and groove system on all edges enabling the boards to join quickly, making a weathertight junction which keeps the rain and the wind out. This is actually a very quick and simple way to make your roof weathertight and insulate it at the same time. They can also be used behind cladding on walls in the same way and are a great way to achieve passivhaus construction levels.

The boards come in thicknesses from 22 to 120mm and are fully breathable and also water repellent so there is normally no need to use a membrane over the top. The boards provide really good insulation, they prevent thermal bridging through the rafters and in the summer they keep your house cool. They’re also great for absorbing sound so if you want to create a low energy or passivhaus home that is quiet, cool in the summer and warm in winter this is a great system for you. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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