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Breathable Primer for Renders and Plasters – Baumit Premium Primer

Baumit PremiumPrimer is:-

  • used to reduce and equalise suction of substrates.
  • used to equalise the colour of the substrate.
  • used to enhance the water repellency of substrates without reducing vapour permeability.
  • for improving adhesion and enabling bonding to a wide range of substrates.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • Internally and externally
  • It is suitable for application on to contact mortars, lime and cement based plasters/renders, concrete and well adhered mineral, silicate and masonry paints.

How is it used?

  • Baumit PremiumPrimer should be well mixed before use, normally with a plaster whisk, and then applied to the surface by brush or roller.
  • When using rollers it is often useful to add up to 5% water as this method applies the primer more thickly.
  • The primer should then be left for 24 hours before any further coating are applied.

How much will you need?

  • Each 5kg tub of Baumit PremiumPrimer will cover between 12 and 25m2 depending on the absorbency and texture of the surface.
  • Each 25kg tub of Baumit PremiumPrimer will cover between 62 and 125m2 depending on the absorbency and texture of the surface.
  • Please remember that this product should only be used between 5C and 30C and that humidity will affect drying times for this product.
  • Suitable PPE must be worn when using this product to prevent contact with eyes or skin.

Technical details

Pricing & shipping

Tub size [kg] Coverage [m²]Single tub cost5+ tubs [each]

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