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Fiberglass reinforcing mesh – Baumit StarTex

Baumit StarTex reinforcing mesh is:-

  • an easy to use, SBR coated, fibre glass reinforcing mesh with a 4 x 4mm mesh size
  • ideal for reinforcing base coat renders and plasters when on mixed masonry.
  • great for reinforcing corners of window and door openings to prevent cracking.
  • used with Baumit MC 55 and Baumit StarContact as a reinforcement coat.

Product overview

Where is it used?

It is designed for use with Baumit contact mortars and masonry base coat renders/plasters and can be used in all locations.

How is it used?

  • Baumit StarTex is bedded in to a wet render/plaster.
  • When reinforcing a thick-coat base coat this is done wet-in-wet by applying 2/3rds of the render and whilst wet trowelling in the StarTex.
  • The final third of the render should be applied immediately. Each piece of StarTex should overlap adjacent pieces by at least 100mm in all directions.
  • When applying to thin layer renders, again using a wet-in-wet process, the render should be combed first to ensure the correct thickness and then the StarTex trowelled in to it.
  • A further 1-3mm of render should be applied over the StarTex to ensure the correct bedded depth. The render should be between 3 and 8mm in thickness depending on substrate and render.
  • When using as corner reinforcement in thin layer renders, strip of mesh which are at least 300 x 300mm square should be diagonally applied in a tight coat of contact mortar, such as MC55, to the corners of openings before the main areas are rendered.
  • If using a thick-coat render then this can be applied, as above, in with the render coat.

Technical details

Pricing & shipping

This product is on a 1.5m long roll and will be sent by courier, costing around £20 + VAT

Size of roll [m]Single roll cost5+ rolls [each]
50 x 1£58.56 £52.70

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