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Plinth insulation – Styrodur 2800 C XPS

Styrodur XPS boards are:-

  • a waterproof, closed cell insulation board which is easy to use, cut and fix.
  • suitable for all plinth and below ground insulation areas.
  • textured to ensure high bond strength with plinth renders.
  • available in 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120mm thicknesses.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • At plinth level (300mm or less above ground level) and below on any External Wall Insulation project.
  • Around large stone window sills or other projections that are likely to give high levels of splash back.
  • Below ground on foundation walls or basement walls.

How is it used?

  • Styrodur boards can be installed directly in to the aluminium plinth starter tray if being used on the base of a timber frame. Ensure the joint with the wood fibre boards is glued thoroughly to prevent cracking along this joint.
  • On masonry plinth, Styrodur 2800C should be at least adhesively fixed to the plinth by applying a 5mm layer of the appropriate contact mortar to the back of the board before pressing firmly against the clean masonry surface.
  • In plinth areas where impact is likely, masonry fixings such as UdiASSEMBLY masonry fixings, should be used in addition to the adhesive above.
  • Installation details for plinth installations can be found here

How much will you need?

The Styrodur boards are 1250 x 600mm and they cover an area of 0.75 m² per board. Allow around 5% for wastage, depending on the complexity of the area to be insulated.

Frequently asked questions

What is their thermal conductivity?

The exact conductivity varies across the different thicknesses of the boards but as a general guide it can be assumed to be 0.035 W/m2K. However, for more accurate information please see the data sheet.

Technical details

Pricing & shipping

This product will require one pallet space and so shipping is likely to cost between £50 and £100, depending on where you live. Contact Us for a more accurate costing.

Thickness [mm]Compressive Strength [kN/m2]Board dimensions [mm]Area of each board [sqm]Cost per board
403001250 x 6000.75£9.30
603001250 x 6000.75£13.87
803001250 x 6000.75£18.60
1003001250 x 6000.75£23.25
1203001250 x 6000.75£27.34

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