Efficiencient underfloor heating tiles - Lithotherm

Lithotherm underfloor heating system is:-

  • an ideal underfloor heating system for use with air/ground source heating
  • a very fast underfloor heating installation, allows floorboards to be fitted same day.
  • a 45mm screed replacement, creating a thinner screed layer.
  • used where faster response times are important, keeping heating costs down.
  • part of the Lithowood alternative to concrete floor slabs.



Where is it used?

  • The Lithotherm system is best suited to solid floors and normally sits on top of the insulation layer.
  • The interlocking tiles allow tiled and floating floors to be layed over the top of the system and special profiled timber battens allow floor boards to be fixed down.

How do I use it?

  • When laying the Lithotherm UFH System on to insulation it is important that the substrate is solid and does not move.
  • If laying directly on to a concrete floor it is advisable to use a thin layer of an underlay material, such as the UdiSTEP wood fibre product. 
  • For tiled or floating floor applications the interlocking Lithotherm tiles are laid in a brick bond pattern across the floor, leaving a 15cm perimeter at the ends of each pipe run to allow the pipes to loop round.
  • For more information please see the installation video (A very good graphic guide but text currently only in German) and click here for more detailed instructions.
How much do I need?
  • Each Lithotherm Underfloor Heating tile is 500 x 280mm and so you will need 7.14 tiles per m2.
  • Allow for 5-10% wastage, depending on the shape of the area.
  • We recommend 10 linear metres of pipe for each square metre of Lithotherm and sell the Lithotherm pipe in 200m or 500m rolls.
  • Tiles are available individually or in pallets of 108 tiles (15.12m2, 12.5% discount on the tile price)
  • Each tile is 45mm thick and 500mm long and 280mm wide, 0.14m2. Each pallet contains 108 tiles or 15.12m2.

 Lithotherm installation guide

 Lithotherm heat output chart
 Lithowood insulated solid flooring system

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