Introducing our architectural partner Studio Bark

Proving you can have an environmental ethos and still deliver exceptional design.

  • Name: Studio Bark
  • Areas of expertise: Environmental Architecture and Design
  • Est: 2014
  • Based: London  

What they do

Studio Bark are a young, innovative and very talented team of architects. Founded in 2014 by Wilf Meynell, their Code 6 Periscope House has already featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Their designs are creative, ambitious and stunning. Designs are practical but incorporate some of the latest, most effective building materials.

However, to us it is how they run their business that really stands out. Here will document their approach to a recent project and explain why we, at Back to Earth, rate them so highly.

Joint project – Warren Lodge

“In 2015 Studio Bark came to us with already quite detailed plans for a relatively simple barn.

Called Warren Lodge, it was a prototype timber barn designed to utilise UK sourced building materials. The FSC timber frame was grown in the UK, the clay roof tiles were made and fired in the UK and reclaimed bricks were used for some of the facades. 

Whilst the materials sourcing was a challenge, real challenge was that the barn was to be built by twelve architecture students from around the country, which really inspired me.

We worked with Wilf on lots of the detailing to ensure weather tightness, air tightness, continuity of insulation, longevity but also practicality, especially as the building was going to be built by a relatively unskilled workforce.”  

Chris Brookman, Back to Earth

(“Bark Live Build” – the team taking a well deserved break from battening the roof)

Why we refer them

The project was a great success. We think the building looks amazing (we hope you agree), the clients were happy with it and it went largely as planned and crucially to budget.

However, the real success was giving the twelve architecture students (plus everyone at Studio Bark) real experience of what it is like to build a building which to them (and any future clients) will be invaluable. To understand the real practicalities of how to build a building, not just draw it, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about the work that Studio Bark and Back to Earth have done together, please feel free to give Chris a call on 01392 861763 or alternatively contact us via email. 

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