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Mineral Insulation Board – Xella Multipor

Multipor mineral insulation boards are:-

  • an solid-wall insulation board made from sand, lime and cement, suitable for all types of historic and modern masonry, including damp masonry.
  • vapour permeable and hygroscopic, ensuring breathability of walls is maintained.
  • A1 fire rated, suitable for use in escape routes and buildings over 11m.
  • for insulating internal areas of masonry walling, above and below ground.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • Multipor boards can be used anywhere fire resistance is required, both internally or externally on masonry walls, including high rise residential buildings.
  • It can be used on of all types of modern and historic masonry but is ideal for use in stone or brick buildings where vapour permeability is important.
  • Multipor ExSal Therm boards can be used to line basement walls, even in moist conditions.
  • Multipor boards will also insulate masonry ceilings, concrete roof decks and plinth areas.

How is it used?

  • For internal above ground use, the wall surfaces are cleared of loose plaster, gypsum plaster, paint and wall paper and levelled using Baumit KZP 65, if required.
  • The back of the boards are coated with a 5mm layer of Fix X710 adhesive and bonded directly to the walls.
  • Once the boards are installed the surface is then plastered with a mesh coat of Fix X710 and left to cure.
  • If the surface is to be tiled, 4 fixings per m2 will be required to go through the mesh and into the masonry wall behind whilst the plaster is wet. The maximum weight of the tiles should be 25kg/m2.
  • Once cured, the plastered surface will take any type of lime finish coat plaster.
  • See the video below as a simple guide or download the full instructions in the downloads section below.

How much will you need?

  • Each Multipor board is 600 x 390mm and covers 0.234 m2 so you’d need around 4.5 blocks per m2, including waste.
  • Below are the likely U-values that each thickness of board will achieve on a common solid brick wall. Solid stone masonry will give a similar overall performance.
Multipor thicknessU-value on standard 225mm solid brick wall
60mm0.51 W/m2K
80mm0.40 W/m2K
100mm0.34 W/m2K
120mm0.29 W/m2K

Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for old buildings?

  • This product is very vapour permeable and has good capillarity, enabling it to manage moisture well, making it ideal for older masonry buildings.
  • Where there is lots of timber involved, it is beneficial to use our wood fibre insulation systems.
  • Multipor is also a fairly soft product and so will absorb impact and not do any damage to historic building materials.

Is Multipor fire resistant?

  • Multipor is completely non-combustible and has an A1 fire rating under BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 and so it can be used in any tall building over 11m in Scotland or 18m in England.
  • It can also be used to line stair wells and escape routes or any other areas requiring non-combustible insulation.

Product videos

Material in action.

Play Video

This video from the manufacturer shows a basic guide to using the Multipor blocks internally.

Pricing & shipping

This product will require one pallet space and so shipping is likely to cost between £50 and £100, depending on where you live. Contact Us for a more accurate costing.

Board thickness [mm]Board area [m²]No. of boards per euro palletPallet weight [kg]Single board cost [£]Board cost in full pallets [each]
20 – reveal board(600 x 250mm) 0.15360185£3.08£2.77 (packs of 12)

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