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Universal Wood Fibre Insulation Boards – Steico Protect Dry M

Steico ProtectDry universal wood fibre insulation boards are:-

  • dry process wood fibre board suitable for use on roofs, walls and for rendering.
  • suitable for use on masonry and timber frame buildings.
  • high density, giving great summer heat shielding, keeping your home cool.
  • quick to form a weather-tight, bat-friendly roof covering without using membranes/felt.
  • ideal for use in noisy or urban areas where their acoustic insulation really helps.

Product overview

Where is it used?

  • On top of rafters to prevent thermal bridging and keep noise out, especially useful for loft conversions.
  • Behind any wall cladding on timber frames or masonry.
  • In locations where direct application of plasters or renders is required.
  • Any roofs where bats live. Bats get tangled in breathable membranes so these are a great alternative.

How is it used?

  • When used as a sarking board, the Steico Protect Dry wood fibre insulation boards should be laid on top of the rafters and covered with a breathable membrane before being fixed in place with counter-battens.
  • For roofing applications the first row should start at eaves level and working in rows, work your way up the roof.
  • To reduce waste the overhang from the first row should be trimmed off and used to start the second row and so on.
  • For use behind cladding the same principles apply.  When working on masonry structures, unless the wall is very flat, timber battens should be fixed to the surface first with SteicoFlex flexible wood fibre insulation between the battens. The Steico Protect Dry boards can then be fixed to these battens, avoiding any voids behind.
  • Alternatively, apply a levelling plaster to the surface of the wall, texture with a knotched trowel and fix the boards to the surface whilst still wet.
  • Any cut joints or corners can be taped with Ampacoll Fenax tape to ensure weather-tightness.
  • To see how to use this product in roofing applications see our guide here – How to install roof insulation
  • To see how to use this product on masonry in rendered walling applications see our guide here – How to install on masonry rendered wall insulation
  • To see how to use this product on timber frame in rendered walling applications see our guide here – How to install on timber frame rendered wall insulation
  • To see how to use this product on timber frame in clad walling applications see our guide here – How to install on timber frame clad wall insulation

How much will you need?

  • The Steico Protect Dry M boards are 1300 x 575mm and cover 0.747m2 per board.
  • They are available from our stock in 80, 100 and 120mm thicknesses or 140 and 160mm are available to order in full pallets.
  • Allow 5-10% wastage depending on the complexity of the roof/facade.

Frequently asked questions

What are their thermal conductivity and compressive strengths?

The Steico Protect Dry M boards have a conductivity of 0.040 W/mK, a density of 140 kg/m³ and a compressive strength of 100kPa (kN/m²).

See it in action

Using the boards over rafters

Using the boards under rafters

Using the boards behind cladding

Pricing & shipping

This product will require two pallet spaces and so shipping is likely to cost between £100 and £200, depending on where you live. Contact Us for a more accurate costing.

Thickness [mm]Weight [kg/board]Board dim. [mm], Area [m²]Number of boards per palletPallet covers [sqm]Pallet weight [kg]Pallet dim. [mm] [LxWxH]single board costboard in full pallets
808.371300 x 575mm, 0.747m22820.932341325 x 1200 x 1300£21.30£19.17
10010.461300 x 575mm, 0.747m22216.442301325 x 1200 x 1300£26.68£24.01
12012.561300 x 575mm, 0.747m21813.462261325 x 1200 x 1300£32.10£28.89

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